NDIS Counselling

Registered NDIS Provider

Whitsunday Counselling and Support is a Registered NDIS Provider offering services under the Therapeutic Supports category in your NDIS plan.


What is individual counselling?

Counselling comes in multiple ways depending on the nature of the problem it is concerned with. Individual counselling is counselling focused on the individual’s immediate or near future concerns.

With the support of a counsellor the participant will have a safe and supportive environment in which to discuss issues and concerns.

Whitsunday Counselling and Support take a person centered approach that enables and assists participants to work towards their personal goals and gain greater insight and independence in their lives.


What is group counselling?
Group counselling is with multiple individuals facing a similar concern. The strength in group counselling is if there are 3 people all facing the same issue or similar issues, they can work together.

Group counselling assists participants to work toward their personal goals and gain greater insight and independence in their lives.

Group counselling facilitates self-knowledge, emotional acceptance, growth and the optimal development of personal resources, through group sessions of up to three participants.


What is group therapy?
Group therapy typically involves a small group of people and a therapist. 

During the first therapy session, members of the group may start by introducing themselves and sharing.

After this the therapist may encourage members to discuss their experiences and progress.

This therapy is designed to empower participants and improve interactions between participants and their social networks.

Group therapy provides interventions by more than one professional in a group session, and works toward the participants agreed goals in groups of up to three.

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