White Ribbon

White Ribbon Day: November 25th

Australia's campaign to prevent men's violence against women.

White Ribbon raises awareness of men’s violence against women and provides a channel for conversations and actions to stand up and speak out against men’s violence against women. They allow individuals and organisations to get involved in ways that suit them and their communities.

International day of action.

White Ribbon Day acknowledges the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Men’s Violence against Women, which is the biggest violence against women campaign of the calendar year. Falling on 25 November, there is heightened awareness and fundraising which helps extend White Ribbon’s domestic violence education programs across Australia. 

What white ribbon does? 

We need to stop violence against women before it happens. This is the work of primary prevention and it is where the work of White Ribbon Australia is focused.

What is primary prevention?
Prevention and response to violence can be classified in a number of ways, for example:

Primary prevention action is implemented before violence against women occurs and aims to stop the likelihood of men and boys using violence against women and girls. This prevention action does this by addressing the root causes of violence. The White Ribbon social movement and programs focus on primary prevention.  Examples of primary prevention include; Public information and awareness raising campaigns, Educational programs in schools, Programs in workplaces and Government policy establishing frameworks and standards for preventing violence against women and promoting gender equality.

Through education, awareness raising and creative campaigns, preventative programs, partnerships and political advocacy, White Ribbon Australia highlights the positive role men can play to stop violence against women and enables them to be part of this social change. 

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