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Holding Hands
 Domestic & Family   Violence Counselling   and Court Support 
Our Domestic & Family Violence Program offers information, support, counselling and court support in the Whitsundays to women, men and children affected by domestic and family violence.
Young Family
 Intensive Family   Support Service 
The Intensive Family Support Service provides support to children and families that have had previous involvement with, or are at risk of progressing into the statutory child protection system without support.
Family Moments
 Specialist Family   Counselling Service 
The Specialist Family Counselling & Support Service is a targeted service that provides counselling to children, parents and families affected by domestic and family violence, or who are at risk of neglect or abuse, or who have experienced child sexual abuse.
Successful Girl
 Women's Health &   Wellbeing 
This program provides tailored, holistic support to women who have been affected by domestic and family violence to achieve independent living and better wellbeing.
Mother with her Two Kids
 Domestic & Family   Violence Crisis   Accommodation 
CRISIS:  Up to 3 months
We offer 5 self-contained and subsidised units with 9-5pm case managers for women and children in crisis who are experiencing domestic & family violence.
TRANSITIONAL:  Up to 6 months
We have 2 properties for families experiencing domestic & family violence who require support and subsidised housing for a limited period of time.
Psychology Patient
 Sexual Violence   Counselling 
The Sexual Violence Counselling service provides support to individuals who have experienced or are experiencing sexual violence or abuse.  Support is also provided to their significant others.
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